Document Scanning Eden Prairie

Document Scanning Eden Prairie

With affordable document scanning in Eden Prairie, MN from Indigital, you can reclaim office space by having all of your hard copy documents and papers scanned into digital files. If your office workers are still rifling through paperwork searching for lost files, you’ll discover the amazing benefits of switching your system over to digital and never have to search for lost or missing paperwork again. Indigital’s document scanning services are cost-effective and will improve productivity at your workplace. Read more about the services we offer online and give us a call if you have any questions.

6 Compelling Reasons To Switch To Digital Files

1. Serious consideration should be given to the quality of digital files since documents and paperwork can fade over time and can be easily manipulated. With a hand-written document, there is always the chance that your patient or client will fail to fill in an important line or turn in the paper incomplete. Since handwriting can vary from one person to the next, human error is also a factor. By switching to digital files, all of these issues can be resolved.

2. Did you know that the average office worker spends more than one hour of their workday searching for documents using outdated hard copy files? With an automated system set up by Indigital, your employees will find what they need instantly. Find out more about a streamlined digital system when you contact our team regarding document scanning in Eden Prairie, MN.

3. Implementing a digital system will allow you or your executives to set parameters detailing who can access files within your workplace. Choose group access or individual access with security protections that not only safeguard information but also improve collaboration between workers.

4. Instead of team members photoshopping, copying, and trying to share paperwork on complex projects, everyone involved in a specific project can access the files they need in real-time while working together toward a common goal. Productivity soars when switching to digital files.

5. Imagine the loss of data your company would experience if files were destroyed by a fire, flood, or other natural disasters. You can protect valuable information by scanning all of your paper documents into digital files; at Indigital, we make the process easy and cost-effective.

6. We offer a customized service at Indigital, designed to meet your company’s needs. By working closely with you, we’ll complete all document scanning on your behalf, index the files to maximize retrieval efficiency and set up access and archival protocols. After the scanning is complete, we’ll return all physical documents to you or shred them to ensure total destruction, whichever you prefer. Scanning capabilities include:

  • Standard size business files and smaller papers
  • Legal size documents
  • Larger drawings and plans
  • Loose and bound books
  • Microfilm files
  • Color or black & white, converted to PDF, TIFF, or JPEG

Request a free quote from our team when you call Indigital today at 952-440-4161. Read more about services provided by our company online, enjoy informative articles, and bookmark our website for easy access.

Document Scanning Eden Prairie