• What does it mean to be made in the Imago Dei?

    We have lost our sense of the Imago Dei (the image of God) and of the sanctity of all life. In Washington there’s a Congresswoman struggling to succeed because she just sacrificed a bill protecting sea otters in order to focus on a bill that protects fetuses from being grown for stem cell research. She’s…

  • Waiting with a Grin

      Yesterday was a hard day and many people reached out to me, asking “How are you?” They offered prayers and encouragement but I didn’t really know how to answer… then the Lord spoke. He blended the memory of my son’s birthday with the inspired Word from the thirty-ninth Psalm.  David was low and felt…

  • The Day Jesus Almost Believed a Lie

    How often do you feel despised, rejected, or alone? Like God is not there or not listening? I believe this is important because now I know that Jesus himself felt that way. Even though he wasn’t alone, he felt it. He understands me when I feel that way, too!

  • I Want to be Famous

    There, I said it… I want to be famous! When I started writing this, several weeks ago, I wrote the title as “I want to be great!” But I knew that wasn’t entirely honest. I don’t just want to be great; I want to be famous, well-know, respected. This isn’t a new ambition. I’ve dealt…

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