• Go Forward

    Also Available: PSD source files, tabloid-sized calendar, 12′ x 2′ banner, bulletin shell

  • Why Jesus Came

    Jesus came for a purpose – one of

  • Consider Christ

    1. THE CROWNED CHRIST •    Christ = Messiah – “anointed” – Position of the Administration & the Power of the Office •    Matt 3:17 – He Pleased the Father •    Matt 28:18 – He is Full of Power •    John 1:14 – Because He Came •    Phil 2:9-11 – He is exalted – HIS NAMES……

  • This is the Sum

    The author of Hebrews gives the summary of the book in one chapter. The whole purpose of Hebrews was to capture the interest and faith of the people — this is nut-shelled in this one chapter. This is the sum of WHO Jesus is & WHAT He came to accomplish…

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