tech-diffTechnology and I have a love-hate relationship!  It’s such a blessing to live in the digital age… but nothing frustrates me more than when it doesn’t work right. Can I get an ‘Amen’!? But the “Technical Difficulties” that I’d like to address don’t have to do with software glitches and slow processing speeds… I’m talking about how much time I waste on social media and games, about how easy technology has made it to access inappropriate material, and about how it has come to control so many people. It is dangerous! I think that an unfiltered cell phone and an un-monitored TV remote is just as dangerous as a loaded, unlocked Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol. Our families need better training and accountability when it comes to today’s tech.


12 Questions to see if you have Technical Difficulties:


Is my tech usage a distraction to important relationships in my life?
Does my tech keep me from getting the rest I need?
How often do I find myself checking for likes, RTs, shares, favorites…?


Does the tech in my life open an unnecessary door to temptation?
Am I accountable with another person about my tech usage?
Will I regret the decisions I make while engaged in technology?
Have I set up proper limits and boundaries to guide myself / my family?


Am I enabled, or enslaved, by my use of technology?
Is technology my first instinct in the morning?
How often does the virtual / fantasy mentality sneak into my reality?
Have I given a person who loves me the right to tell me if I’m addicted?
How often do I unplug?

3 Questions Every Christian Parent Must Ask about Technology:

Does my use of technology bring glory to God?
Does it hinder my marriage and family relationships?
Could it cause my child(ren) to stumble?

Helpful Resources:
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Web Filtering: K9* –or– Parental Control Bar*
Computer Monitoring: Family Cyber Alert
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