mom-and-child2John 20:20-23 records when Salome (mother of James and John) approached Jesus on behalf of her two sons. Although we often emphasize the negative in this situation, but she was not rebuked by Christ.  In fact, we see Salome as a godly example of what a mother should be throughout the gospel accounts.  I’m thankful for a godly mother who exemplified these traits as I grew up – and even more-so now.

A Godly Mother is a Great Worshiper.  Salome approached Christ with a worshiping spirit (falling at His feet).  When we worship (bow our head or body), we signify our submission to the highest authority.  We yield our control of ourselves and request approval from the King.  Godly parents realize that their authority comes from God and they recognize the value of a personal relationship with Him.

A Godly Mother Prays for Her Family.  Salome interceded for her children.  She was not afraid to dream big, but she didn’t just dream – she prayed!  Great parents pray for God’s favor upon their children.  She took her dreams and expectations to the Lord.  Too often, parents turn their expectations downward – upon their children, instead of turning them upward – yielding them to God’s will.  She had high hopes for her boys, but she ultimately hoped in the Lord.  This is a classic example of right method (prayer), right direction (Christ), wrong request (James 4:3).  But don’t be afraid to ask (James 4:2).

A Godly Mother Plants Her Family into the Kingdom.  Salome was desirous to see her sons into the kingdom.  Her perspective was beyond this life.  Great parents keep eternity in view as they rear their children (Heb. 12:9-10).  She understood that this life cannot be compared to the one which follows.  Her faith was in Christ and she was certain of life in the Kingdom with her Redeemer-King.

A Godly Mother is a Faithful Disciple.  When most other followers had fled, Salome was there at the cross (Mark 15:40).  She was faithful unto the very end.  Calvary was not a convenient place to be on the day of Christ’s crucifixion, yet she was there.  Calvary was not popular or comfortable, but she was there.  She was a faithful disciple of her Lord and Master.  She kept her eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:2-3).  Great parents carry their crosses, the crosses of discipleship.

A Godly Mother is a Witness of God’s Power.  On the resurrection morning, Salome was one of a small group of women who was counted worthy to witness to God’s power (Mark 16:1).  Even though women (during this era) were respected enough to be legitimate witnesses in a court of law, Christ entrusted them with the most important message ever.  Great parents carry the gospel of Christ to others.  They are witnesses to power of God unto their children and the people they touch.

I seek to please the Lord as His child and as a good steward of my parenting opportunities. I learned a few helpful lessons studying the life of Salome.  What about you… are you a great parent?  What did you learn from Salome?