I believe joy is built into the Christian life.  So why aren’t more Christians smiling? The answer is tragically simple… the joy-stealers!  Philippians tells us simply how to overcome these nasty thieves and how to have true joy every day!  This post serves as the series review & recap of our 8-session study of Philippians.  Each link contains a video, an article, and some discussion questions.  I pray that God uses these simple studies to bless and encourage you.  (Note: I did not write this series, I just complied and edited it from a variety of a few key sources… Warren Wiersbe, John Phillips, Mark Copeland).


Philippians 1 – Joy-stealer: Circumstances
The Gospel is the Key to the Single Mind

1. Overcoming Happiness
2. Overcoming Unhappiness

Philippians 2 – Joy-stealer: Relationships
Four Examples of a Submissive Mind

3. Learning the Easy Way
4. The Best Teacher Isn’t Experience

Philippians 3 – Joy-stealer: Things
The Past, Present, & Future of the Spiritual Mind

5. Don’t Let Stuff Steal Your Joy
6. A Low Life Living for a High Calling

Philippians 4 – Joy-stealer: Anxiety
Experiencing the Peace of the Secure Mind

7. Weeding the Garden
8. Why Worry?