The screaming-fast pace of technology keeps churches scrambling to keep up – at least the ones I’ve been involved in.  It seems like we’re always a step behind, a day late, a dollar short!  In some cases, the technology really doesn’t apply (or is too difficult / expensive to justify the investment), but in most cases, pastors and ministry leaders – with any real desire to impact their community and this generation – understand that it will involve a certain level of technology to be influential in this age.  Here is the NEXT big thing:

mobile church sites & apps

If you miss this, you’re missing a HUGE open door (see Col. 4:3; Rev. 3:8).

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As smartphones and tablets continue to develop, as WiFi and 4G networks expand, as people become more and more transient, this trend is coming faster than the super-train from Boston to DC.  My son, Austin, recently finished a school project on the evolution of cell phones (and got a 100% BTW); it’s a short presentation that’s well worth the read!


In 2012, there were 155.1 million smartphone users.

This year, there are 181.4 million smartphone users.

It is projected that 222.4 million will be smartphone users by 2017.

While some traditionalists and purists still argue about the use of screens, projectors, podcasts in the church, others are using the media very inexpensively and effectively to reach people with life-changing truth. I wrote about that here.  It’s NOT too expensive. It’s NOT too hard to do it yourself. Stop believing that lie!  Here is a clean & simple site that I compiled and offer to you [FREE, no strings attached!].

I’m curious: What do you think is the most important medium / technology to ‘do’ ministry? Is a mobile app better than a mobile site? Which is the most effective?  Why?  I can’t wait to read your responses…

Article by Patrick Nix


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