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Jesus loved the church first; Jesus loves even when His love is not reciprocated; He loves unconditionally; and He loves eternally.  There are also many characteristics of His love.  I’ve outlined a couple below, those that I believe are the most important for us, as Christian husbands, to remember.  Jesus’ love is a…

Calvary Love

You might be thinking “Ok, I’m good here.  Even my wife would admit that I would die for her.”  Sorry to burst the proverbial bubble, but there is so much more to Calvary than Christ’s death.  Calvary was the culmination of Christ’s life; it was the crescendo to a life of sacrifice.  Christ left Heaven to become a man; we must be willing to take on things we might believe are “below us.”  In the Garden, Christ submitted His will to that of His Father.  We must also fully submit to the Father’s will for us as husbands, even when it is outside our comfort zone.  The sacrifice associated with true Calvary love will result in humility, in willingness to serve, and ultimately in sacrifice.  Are you willing to give up your dreams, your career, and yourself to better your marriage?

Curing Love

Sometimes the answers to the world’s most-asked questions seem too simple.  If you want to be successful, work hard!  If you need to lose weight, eat less and exercise more.  If there are struggles in your marriage – whether they appear to be caused by you or your wife – exercise Biblical love.  There are long-standing problems that might have been festering for years, but the first step in strengthening your marriage is loving your wife like you have been commanded.  God created marriage; He understands you and your wife perfectly; and He has commanded husbands to set the tone in the marriage with love.  I am firmly convinced that the overwhelming majority of problems in Christian marriages could be solved if husbands really and truly would love their wives as they are commanded, as Jesus loves the church.

Article by Bryan Likins