Joy and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  Enjoyed is an understatement – we laughed our heads off.  But this wasn’t the kind of comedy you would feel guilty about later. It was family-friendly for sure.  It’s emphasis on marriage and family made it a hit in our home.  Couldn’t hurt that it had a hilarious cast of Billy Crystal, Marisa Tomei  and Bett Midler.

The clash between parents and grandparents over foundational family philosophies hits too close to home to share here (*wink).  I loved it that the parenting ‘extremes’ found their way to a compromise – which brought the whole family closer together.  There’s always another side to the story, and great things happen when we try to see it from the other person’s perspective.  There was also a beautiful, secondary storyline about failure and acceptance.  We will watch this again, and if you don’t mind repeated use of the nickname “Fartie” (instead of Artie) – you will too!

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