Photo Oct 18, 11 12 25 AMDear Friends,

This has been a doozy of a year and a lot has changed, so we wanted to give you an update and bring you up to speed on what’s been happening with us lately.

As many of you know, my Dad went to Heaven on July 9 – and we miss him everyday (that’s not an overstatement).  You really find out what someone means when you can’t tell them anymore.  Read about how I’m dealing with it here.

In mid-October, we felt God’s clear calling to “Go!”  What I mean by that is, we both understood that a new chapter of life was about to begin.  That week, I resigned as Pastor of LBC and began making preparations for our next steps. In December, I preached my last sermon as Pastor of the Lighthouse.  The church is still in the transition process as they prayerfully search for a new pastor.

Since we don’t have any definite long-term plans, we are living day-by-day.  It is so hard when you can’t see the end and you have no idea which direction to start heading… it’s an exciting adventure!  It’s sure a wild ride – I guarantee!

Just before Thanksgiving, we moved out of our house in Taylorsville to live with my mom on the farm for a while.  This will help us a little financially and should help her, too (if she can put up with us!!)

The older boys (Austin (14), Alanson (11), and Asher (9)) are enjoying their first year in the ‘public’ schools.  Austin’s on the Freshman & JV ball team.  Alanson is in the 6th-grade and in chess club.  Asher is in 3rd grade and is a social butterfly (who knew?), Anna Belle (4) is getting tall and is soooo full of personality (like her mother!), and Aaron (2) is such a stinking ham.

Instead of just looking for the first ministry-opportunity available, we are trying to keep our eyes on Jesus and more-connect our hearts to His.  I feel that anyone can walk on water as long as their eyes are on Him (but it’s scary as everything to get out of the boat)!

We don’t know where this journey will take us — N, S, E, or W? – into another church plant? – as a pastor / associate? – into Christian education? – serving in a para-church organization? – back into prison ministry? – something entirely different…?

We have a unique opportunity to be wide-open to any open door the Lord might reveal – it might be that we start something from the ground up – or we might help someone/something who is already established.  I really don’t want to rush into a position / ministry just because it’s comfortable or necessary.  I want to do what I was made to do – operating in my ‘sweet spot’ of giftedness that would give God the most glory & bring me the most joy!  We are not ruling anything out!

To make ends meet, in the meantime, we have been working hard.  Joy’s been working afternoons at a toy store in Taylorsville (it’s totally awesome!), and until this week- I was also working a little in their toy warehouse.  I’ve been staying pretty busy substitute teaching at the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.  I’ve start subbing at the alternative school and I’m really enjoying this!

While I enjoy both of these jobs, they are too inconsistent to support a family of 7!  (The church took good care of us. This move was not one that made sense on paper.)  If you hear of anything that pays at least than $8-10/hour to a guy with a Master’s degree, please let me know.  Like we said, this is a stage of transition – so we’re not locked in to anything yet.

We ask you, friends, to help keep your eyes and ear open to open doors that we might minister the gospel.  Perhaps the Lord would use you to help set the stage for Act II of our ministries.

This year, although we’ve been through so much, we feel such an indebtedness to so many — too many to name here.  I am amazed at the grace of God and thankful for the privilege to be His child and part of His family.  We look forward with great anticipation to what’s ahead.

Patrick Nix & Family
Patrick, Joy, Austin, Alanson, Asher, Anna Belle, & Aaron