This is the second of three posts on the subject of Patriotism. In the first post I discussed our responsibility as “Christians”. I would like to look here at our responsibility as “Citizens.”

Christians are not exempt from being good citizens. The Bible commands us to obey those who God has placed in authority over us. We are not to play God, but are to act godly. As a citizen you and I have been entrusted with protecting the freedom that we enjoy in America.

Here are my thoughts:


I might even drill that down even more and say, VOTE! If you do not vote, do not complain. If you do not vote, I believe you are violating a God-given mandate. It is our responsibility. Take it seriously and study the candidates and their platform … then vote!


In this election I hear people stating that since they cannot fully support a candidate, they will simply not vote. NEWS FLASH: There has never been a candidate that you or I could fully support. We are all different and see things differently theologically, philosophically, and ideologically. Not voting IS a vote… for the worst candidate!


There is nothing wrong with holding our lawmakers accountable. We are spending our way into poverty. We are legislating immorality. We are allowing an attack on religion. These, along with many others, are important issues. We should look for candidates who best align with our beliefs and vote for them. But, don’t stop there. Hold them accountable. Write an email, call their office, or better yet, pay a visit there. I have been to Washington and visited the offices of our Senators and Congressmen. I found them to have an open ear and eager to listen. If that does not work, vote them out!


I am grieved at the names and hatred people spew out of their mouths and hearts when it comes to politics. Whether or not I agree with the President, does not negate my responsibility to pray for him and respect the office. We are teaching our children a lesson about authority and many times it is not good. We should do our due diligence to know a politician’s stance before we vote. If someone is elected with whom we cannot fully agree, go above their heard…pray for them. In the Old Testament God turned the heart of wicked kings. If God decides to leave them in office, that is HIS business. There may come a time when it is the “lesser of two evils”, pray about it and vote the best you can, but VOTE!

We have a responsibility as citizens!

Article by Rodney Agan


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