This is part one of a three-part series. As I consider what it means to be an American citizen, I am deeply moved. I have been privileged to travel to over a dozen foreign countries and view their systems of government. I have seen first-hand how they live and survive. I have never seen one place that I would trade for America.

As the Presidential Election approaches, I hear and read a lot of things that are filled with hatred and spite. One of the tenants of America is the freedom of speech. This is a great thing but can also be abused. Something that disturbs me the most is the hatred coming from people who claim to be Christians. I am a Christian and I believe in taking a stand, but not one that harms the name of Christ.

Below are three thoughts I would like you to consider about the responsibility we have as American Christians.

First, we should never allow politics to trump biblical principles.

In this post I will refrain from calling names or making personal attacks. What I would like to do is call attention to people who claim Christianity, yet will vote and support ideals that are in complete contradiction to the Bible. It is my belief that you should take a stand against things you cannot reconcile with Scripture. I cannot lend my support or vote to someone who believes in abortion, opposes the biblical definition of marriage, or will not take a stand to support Israel, to name a few. When we allow politics to get in the way of a biblical command, we will give an account to God.

Second, do not confuse patriotism with Christianity.

When I see ole’ Glory waving in the breeze, or hear a stirring rendition of the national anthem, it brings a tear to my eye. When I see soldiers in uniform and realize all that they have done for our freedom, my heart fills with American pride. But…this is not Christianity. Long before there was an America, and long after it is gone, God and His Word will stand. When we allow our feelings to get ahead of our responsibility, we hurt both our country and Christ.

Last, never elevate politicians to Prophets.

In this election it is good for Christians to remember that we are not electing a pastor, we are electing a President. I do not know if we will ever find a man with whom we would agree theologically. I hear Christians calling people names and using vulgar slang about people and subjects, even when there is no direct evidence. This kind of rhetoric makes Christians look like uneducated idiots and will never win the lost to Christ. Do not put your politician on a pedestal. See them as authority that we are to pray for and obey when it does not violate the Bible.

Take a stand, but do it with the love of God. We have a responsibility as Christians!

What are your comments?

Article by Rodney Agan


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