I’m Mike Rowell, aka redhedrev. I’m a pastor, writer, thinker, and conversationalist. I live in Indianapolis with the most important people in my life, my wife Kristy and our four above-average children.

I have been a pastor’s kid, youth pastor, and pastor. I am currently preparing to plant a faith community on Indy’s northeast side.

I love to have conversations at the intersection of faith, culture, your story, the independent Baptist subculture, sports, leadership, and digital culture. I enjoy preaching and speaking to churches and youth groups, and I enjoy engaging pastors. I’m something of a church growth/leadership/structure nerd.

When I was eight, I was dropped on my head, and it stunted my ability to take religious culture completely seriously, a condition that continues to this day.

You can connect with me and catch up with my other writing at about.me/mikerowell.