The World From My Perspective

God graciously allowed be to be saved at the age of five. I went forward in a service at Highland Park Baptist Church, and Dr. Lee Roberson came down from the pulpit to talk to me. My parents had already laid a foundation in my heart, and I was ready to accept Christ.

My work for God began in ninth grade on the bus routes of Shawnee Baptist Church. God gave me the privilege of working the same route for seven years. During my last year at Shawnee Baptist College, I was asked to begin pastoring the New Hope Baptist Church of Crestwood, Kentucky. Starting at twenty-two you can believe I was shaking behind the pulpit for many years. God taught me many lessons during the seven years I pastored there. God also gave me a wife in my fifth year.

I was on track to Pastor at New Hope till I died, or until God moved me. God, however, had different plans. The lessons pastoring a small country church were many and hard. His blessings were also many and helpful. After fourteen years of service God allowed be to begin the early stages of Dystonia. A disorder unknown to many, but prevalent in my family. Preaching and teaching four times a week, visiting members, and working a full time job became just too much.

God led my family back to the Church we grew up in Beth Haven Baptist Church of Sheridan, Michigan. God provided a full time job, and service opportunities at the Church. I ran the Sunday School department, taught the College class, and wrote the material for the elementary departments. During this time my ability to work full time began to decrease. It was a start of a life of loss; a life of disability. Not long after I was let go from my full time job due to health concerns; I had to also quit my Church responsibilities.

It was during this time that God allowed some sermons I had preached to be published in the book: Overwhelmed by the Storms? This was God’s way of letting me reach people even though He was about to take a lot more from me. It was not long until God took even the ability to go to Church away from me. I spend my days in my office looking for opportunities to be a blessing.

God has taken a lot from me, but He has not removed the call from ministry from me. My life of service has led me to this point. Every day I served Him was bringing me to this place. Every test of faith hardening me for the task He has called me to.

I see the world through eyes different from a lot of people. In a way, God has used disability to enable me to edify those who are facing adversity. I can reach many in a way that others can not. I have coded, and I came back. I have been told: ‘There is nothing we can do.’ I have been told, ‘It is hopeless.’ I have had life’s most normal things taken from me. This is not because we serve an unjust God, but rather His way of making me a better tool for Him to use.

The uniqueness of this blog is that God has molded each of us in a different way. We are like a bunch of clubs in a golf bag. We each have a place in the game where we work the best, but we all support one another to win the game. I look forward to being used by God. God has denied the request for healing, and instead given me a desire to be used. May God bless you.