The 2nd of 3 pairs of History covering Israel’s Age of Kings.
Begins with the death of King David and the entrance of Solomon and ends with the temple destroyed and the glory departing.
These two books emphasize King Solomon’s wisdom and the glory of the temple while highlighting the ministries of Elijah (national struggles / revivals) and Elisha (personal victories / resurrections).

Key Dates… 931 BC – death of Solomon / kingdom splits into two
722 BC – Assyrian captivity – invasion of the North (Israel)
586 BC – Babylonian captivity – invasion of the South (Judah) by Nebuchadnezzar

I. United Kingdom (1-11) – Solomon’s reign
Divided Kingdom (12-22) – Elijah’s ministry
II. Divided Kingdom (1-15) – Elisha’s ministry
Surviving Kingdom (16-25) – captivities of Israel and Judah (as God’s discipline)