The last pair of Historical books during the Age of Kings – arranged chronologically.
This book reviews many of events from Samuel & Kings, yet from an entirely new perspective (from a spiritual, priestly viewpoint).  This book is important because it links the godly line of Patriarchs to the godly leadership of the Kings to the godly lineage of the Messiah.

I. Royal Line of David (1-9) – God’s sovereignty in preserving His people and a seed
Reign of King David (10-29) – God’s grace and forgiveness toward a man/people after his own heart
II. Reign of King Solomon (1-9) – the golden age of glory (peace and prosperity)
Reign of Judah’s Kings (10-36) – the eventual captivity of the Southern Kingdom

Noteworthy Passages:
I Chron 16:7-36 & 29:10-19 – Psalms of David
2 Chron 7 – the dedication service for Solomon’s Temple (highest point)
2 Chron 36:17-19 – the destruction of the temple and city walls (lowest point)