This week, our websites clicked over 100,000 page views!  In the last 30 months (as long as we’ve been active & keeping stats), we’ve had nearly a MILLION hits, had over 150GB of stuff downloaded, and helped literally hundreds of churches/ministries.  We are pumped about those numbers, believe me – but it hasn’t happened by accident.  I’m not tooting my own horn, but how can a one-man show with no budget touch over 100 people every day?  I’m glad you asked…

1. Use free tools – We make use of three main services: WordPress, Dropbox, and MailChimp  [see posts about this].  Use these services to accent your website/blog.  Wordpress hosts our blogs; we use Dropbox for cloud-storage; we set up MailChimp to automatically generate beautiful HTML emails of our blog posts.

2. Bring the content – Content draws people in and brings them back.  If your site is simply information, they might visit once – but they’ll never come back.  Resources, sermons, outlines, music, videos, audio clips, pictures, articles, etc.  There’s a ton of stuff that people would love to see, hear, read, learn… just waiting on you to share it!

3. Tag everything – Most of our visitors are NOT direct (meaning they didn’t type in our actual domain name in the address bar); most of our visits come from google and other search engines… especially image searches.  When you tag your posts with relevant keywords, you enable them to be found by people doing topical searches.  [Our most popular tag-referrals: church themes, fall in love with jesus, easter, dove, peace, hope in god, communion]

4. Be service-oriented – Websites that charge for everything annoy me.  I don’t use them unless I have to.  Why would you charge for something that could help someone?  What if our Military rationed bullets to its soldiers — or worse yet, made them pay per bullet?  Don’t just reduce your prices – nix them!  Give it all away.

5. Evangelize.  Say it often, say it loud… Don’t be afraid to shameless plug your stuff on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.  Don’t underestimate SEO.  It shouldn’t take a penny for you to get listed on the first page of search engines.  Be clever, be specific.  For help, read this.

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