In a recent study of mine, I rediscovered the essential element of LOVE as the main ingredient for evangelism.  I often hand out and speak out the gospel but rarely take time to listen, to share of my time, energy, and money.  We can’t just speak the truth and expect people to listen – we must speak it “in love.”  And the truth is…

“People don’t care how much you know
until they know how much your care.”

This simple campaign has been burning in my heart for some time – and, thanks to the prodding of a pastor-friend, we are finally launching it this week.  Here at LBC, we’re calling it ‘Love Weeks.’  The idea is simple: Showing love in practical ways by sharing time & money with our community.  We definitely want out message to be heard (don’t you?), but it all-too-often falls on deaf ears because that’s what exactly the way we treat the world!

RESOURCES AVAILABLE:  Card Template / Alternate Design / Campaign Details
We got our cards professionally printed at – like a shiny gift card & they look good!
Feel free to use this material however you would want, but here’s what we did…

How It Works:
Every adult gets at least one card.  Let’s say a lady takes the card home to reach out to her lost neighbors.  Hopefully, she will do something really nice for them—but not tell them that she did it… just leaving the ‘you are loved!’ card so they will know why she did it! There’s a place on the back to write your name… the goal is not necessarily to be anonymous – but to be humble.  There is no minimum or maximum gifts.  We will tally up all donated time and money for a grand total at the end of the two weeks.  (Our ready-to-print PDF Instruction Sheet)


Sharing Your Time:
1. Make an entire meal (dessert included) and drop it off at a neighbors house with the card—also works for shut-ins and elderly!
2. Mow and weed your neighbors yard without warning & tape the card to their front door!
3. Offer to babysit some children so the parents can have a date night (and don’t take any money)!
4. Offer your skills at the local nursing / retirement homes (mechanical, carpentry, plumbing)!
5. Create a gift box for our local active military!

Sharing Your Money:
6. Buy the meal of the car behind you in the fast food drive-thru (even if it’s a family)!
7. Leave your waitress a huge tip ($20 and the card) – also works with a pizza delivery man!
8. Swipe your card at the pump for another car and say, “Filler Up!”  (Start with compact cars first.)
9. Give a gift-card to a public servant or pastor!
10. Buy a ‘spiritual gift’ for someone who needs it!