This book isn’t about numbers at all!  It’s about the consequence of sin.
Named from 2 census’ (roughly 600,000 men/soldiers).

Ends where it starts – at the door of the promised land… will they go in?  The trip that should have taken 11 days had taken 40 years of wandering the in wilderness of regret – all because of unbelief (14:28-38; 32:23).

Short outline:
ch1-10 – Worship & Consecration at Sinai
ch11-21 – Walk & Consequence in the Wilderness (focus of book)
ch22-36 – War & Conquest in plains of Moab

Sins God Hates:
complaining, fornication, idolatry, and racism

Amazing list of miracles in this book!

Noteworthy: the spirit of Joshua & Caleb (faith, vision)