This is the “2nd Law” (actually just a repeat of the first.)
The new generation needed it reviewed to them b/c they were about to face some new enemies and new struggles.

The Lord knows we are forgetful – this book is full of reminders… don’t forget God, His promises, your salvation, etc.

Quick outline: (Deut. 6:23 gives the outline in 1 verse!)
ch1-4 – Power of God
5-26 – Grace of God
27-34 – Faithfulness of God

Moses repeats many of the laws & commands already given in the first four books, yet with more authority and urgency (He probably knew this would be his last chance to stir the people).

The last 3-4 chapters are Moses’ last words & the transition to Joshua’s leadership.  Moses’ burial (by God) and epitaph (called ‘the friend of God’) is very powerful.