Jesus came to heal the blind.  The gospels record that He healed at least twelve eyes of their blindness, but we both know that’s now what Luke 4:18 was talking about.  Jesus came to heal the spiritual blindness.  He came to clear the clouded mind and dispel the mist in our hearts.  He came to make us see life (and eternity) clearly.

As I studied ‘blindness’ through the Scriptures, I was amazed to find how connected it is with pride.  Blindness is literally: being rendered foolish by selfishness.  Wow!  And I can identify. How often has the darkness and dullness of self-deception clouded my judgment and led me into deeper blindness of heart?

When you become the center of gravity of your own life and feel as everything else orbits around you, then will become blinded by the light of your own existence.

The Danger of Being Blessed

In Jesus’ last message to His church (Rev. 3:14-22), Christ condemns us for our lukewarm indifference.  He calls us poor, naked, miserable – and blind to our condition.  We have been so blessed, we are in danger of taking our eyes of faith off the Blesser and placing them on the blessings and when that happens we start down the blind path.  We don’t even know what we need, we don’t even feel what we should, so we won’t even seek help when we ought.

Many great men in the Old Testament were blinded by their pride… Uzziah (2 Chron. 26:16), Hezekiah (2 Chron 32:25), and Saul (1 Sam. 13:11-14, 15:17-23).  When these men were ‘small in their own eyes,’ they were mightily used be God, but when their hearts were ‘lifted up’ then they became blind to what God would / could do.

Hope through Humility & Faith

If your eyes are dim, then darkness rules your life (Matt. 6:23).  Since darkness related to pride… then we might say that if our perspective is selfish, our life will be one lived in blindness (lonely and very limited).  If you recognize your lack of vision, then find someone with humility and allow them to lead you (Matt. 15:14).  Since pride is like blindness… then the last thing you want to do is let selfish people influence you.  If they do, you both will fall into destruction.

Unbelief always blinds to further / greater revelation (2 Cor. 4:4).  If you’re not willing to believe what’s already been given to you (to see according to the light you have), then you must know that you’ll never receive any more light.  Unbelief has a snow-ball effect and it will produce more doubt and distrust.  Not only that, but pride will give way to insecurity and fear (1 Jn. 2:11).  Faith, on the other hand, can undo the avalanche of fear and will allow God’s light to send the darkness into hiding.