As he looks out his window, all Jeremiah sees is hopelessness (see Jeremiah 3:2-21).  Burning buildings, dead bodies, tear-stained cheeks. He is disillusioned, depressed, and in despair.  He has believed a little lie and it has disconnected him from the truth (spiritual reality).  In his mind, he has become the victim and blames God.  He is confused and starting to withdraw into thoughts of escape.  He is on the verge of suicidal thoughts and he’s not alone.  Many ‘great’ men have been there too (Elijah, Jonah, Job, Solomon, Saul, Moses).

Hope, Not!

Many look for hope in God only to find it’s NOT where they expect.  I’m sorry, but I don’t hope find hope that God protects and preserves me from pain (because He doesn’t – at least not totally).  I don’t have hope that God promises a life like a bed of roses, because it’s not.  I don’t even hope in the fact that God always take away my pain, because He doesn’t.

A Tale of Two Hopes

Bible Hope is very different from common hope.  A scriptural hope is a certainty; a worldly hope is nothing of the sort.  All earthly hopes imply doubt and insecurity” “I hope we will win…”  Whereas spiritual hope establishes a know-so kind of expectation: “I have a hope because we’re on the winning side…”  Which hope do you have?

Hope for the Heart-Broken

1. The Lord is VERY CLOSE to me when my heart is broken – especially when it’s broken over sin, evil, and the things that break His heart too (Ps. 34:18).  Ever notice that it’s not natural to get intimate in a crowd… God would love to isolate you so He could have some personal time with you.

2. Brokenness brings BLESSINGS (Matthew 5:3-4).  I don’t understand it, but Jesus promised it.  He said that when we are zapped of all heart and at the bottom of the barrel, that is THE place where we see God provide most (v3-4 imply both now and in the future).

3. Being broken strips my FAKE and increases my FAITH (Luke 18:10-14).  And believe me, I need help with my hypocrisy.  I am not as transparent and I pretend far too often, but when the pain sets in I usually lay aside my plastic mask for some real help.  You know what I’m saying?  Be honest with yourself and God before it’s too late!

4. Trusting the Lord will bring joy and PEACE (Romans 15:13).  Faith is the key to happiness.  I’ll never find fulfillment living by sight (on a merely human level).  Why would I expect God to give something spiritual when I live so naturally?

5. POWER and overflowing hope comes through the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13).