Resolved, to exercise more often than last year (that should be easy!).
Resolved, to eat less trans-fats and to eat less in general.
Resolved, to drink more water (does sweet tea and lemonade count?).
Resolved, to eat more green vegetables (I don’t think McD’s charges for extra lettuce).
Resolved, to take the stairs (even when the elevator’s working).
Resolved, to not sleep as much this year (8 hours per night is more than enough).

Resolved, to not gossip publicly on Facebook or Twitter (that’s what MSG and TXT are for).
Resolved, to invest as much time in real friends face-to-face as I do in online friends.
Resolved, to prioritize live conversations with real people above the vibrating caller in my pocket (unless it’s maybe someone far more important – and they would understand).
Resolved, to make a day per month an unplugged, black-out day for the sake of my family.

Resolved, to not vote straight ticket.
Resolved, to research the candidates before the first Tuesday in November.
Resolved, to not complain and whine about the election since I don’t really get involved.
Resolved, to pray for whoever gets elected – but especially if my man doesn’t.

Resolved, to tithe as good as I tip… better, actually.
Resolved, to not spend too much on iTunes and in the AppStore.
Resolved, to not buy any new electronics (unless Apple says I should).
Resolved, to be less materialistic and never to resist a generous urge.
Resolved, to not waste money playing the lottery this year (except when I’m feeling especially lucky).

Resolved, to reduce my carbon footprint by at least 15% (maybe I could get a moped?).
Resolved, to use recycled products and to start composting.
Resolved, to waste less (reuse and recycle).

Resolved, to read my Bible on a regular basis this year (to not leave it in the church pew each week).
Resolved, to pray even when things are going good for me.
Resolved, to tell at least five friends, coworkers, and family members of my love for Jesus (and to be ready to apologize when they ask why I don’t really act like it).
Resolved, to be less self-righteous and less judgmental of all the people who are not as spiritual as I am.

Resolved, to be gracious (even when they don’t deserve it, unless God wants to use me as His tool of vengeance).
Resolved, to not expect too much (unless it’s from myself).
Resolved, to prove my love by serving and to affirm my love with kind words.
Resolved, to never assume (that’s how you make a ‘you-know-what’ of yourself).
Resolved, to be thankful and appreciative of everything done for me.
Resolved, to go the extra mile (or two if necessary).
Resolved, to forgive and forget.

Resolved, to ask more questions (and to be more curious).
Resolved, to laugh at myself (even when I’m not trying to be funny).
Resolved, to not be afraid to try something new.
Resolved, to never allow the fear of man and the pressure to fit in overcome my desire to please God.

**For a real, no non-sense list of serious resolutions – take a look at
Jonathan Edwards Resolutions (talk about convicting!)