I must admit that at the moment I write this, my faith in God’s sovereignty is being tested so severely, I struggle to finish the first paragraph.*  I wish I could say the great truth of God’s sovereignty was a bedrock of my life – but I confess to have great trouble accepting it – much less understanding it.  To believe that God is in control is huge (especially for us ‘control freaks’).  It takes a lot of faith and even more surrender, but when taken by faith it opens up a world of peace and hope.

God’s Powerful Control of All Things

The Lord reigneth (Ps. 97:1; 99:1 – that ‘eth’ is KJV-talk for continually present tense).  In other words, God is always in control.  He is reigning, He has always reigned, and will forever reign.  His position is one of ultimate authority.  Every earthly authority is subject to Him.  God doesn’t just allow politics (good & bad), He causes them to be in power (Daniel 4:17-35).  What’s more, His power is so amazing that He can see all people, of all time, in all places … at the same time with just a glance.  He must lower Himself to our level just to care for creation (Ps. 113:6).

But why? Why does God stoop low to concern Himself with us?  Why is involved in every detail? He does it all because it pleases Him.  Simple isn’t it?  Because He enjoys it (Ps. 115:3; 135:5-6).  There is a two-fold sense of God’s pleasure: the immediate (focused, individual) and the big-picture (broad, long-term, universal).   Sometimes, it pleases God to delay His immediate pleasure for a greater pleasing sometime later (which explains the long-suffering nature of God).

God’s Providential Care of All Things

The Lord’s wisdom is purposeful.  He pardons those we would never pardon and rebukes those we would not rebuke – but He knows things we don’t.  His ways are beyond our ways and beyond finding out (Isa. 55:8-9; Rom. 11:3).  What wicked men attempt for evil, God can spin into good for everyone (Gen. 50:19).  How often have you seen how something will end?  Where will that sin take him?  Where will that relationship take her?  What are the consequences to their decision?  How often do you understand why something terrible and senseless happens to you?  We normally don’t ever see those things – but God does.  God is not just a passive observer: He is heavily involved.  You are His work and He’s not a quitter (Phil. 1:6; 2:13)!

God’s Personal Choice over All People

God is the potter, I am the clay (Rom. 9:20-21; Jer. 18:2-6).  He has right over me.  He made me and redeemed me.  He owns me twice; I am debtor to Him to obey Him.  He has right to do whatever He wants with me.  He is not obligated to me in any way to make me like any other vessel.  He created me unique and wants one thing from me: that I give Him pleasure in being who He made me.  He has one primary reason (chief end) in my creation and redemption: to receive glory (Isa. 43:25).

God’s Predicted Climax of All History

AW Pink said: “God claims the end.”  I agree.  It’s already written – just read Revelation.  It’s been laid out and determined.  God knows how it will end.  That’s how in-control God is.  But think of this… God has your today written out just as clearly in black and white as He does the end times in the passages of Bible prophecy, it’s just not been revealed to you yet!  Wow – God really is in control!

*By the time I finished this article (in about an hour), God had already delivered the answer to my prayer.  At nearly the last minute, God provided for a need.  While I was worried, stressed, and doubting, the answer was already on its way! God is in control – He is so good!  As you work to accept and understand God’s sovereignty, God is hoping you grow in your faith which would please Him so very much (Heb. 11:6). God-speed.