It’s not a question, it’s a statement. I probably should add an exclamation point: How Great is Our God! As in many other places in the Bible, Isaiah 40 gives us a glimpse into God’s greatness. He is strong as iron and tender as a shepherd (10-11). Adjectives like enormous and wise fall so short when we consider His creation and counsel (12-13). Not only that, but God invests His power into us, His people (29). God is awesome!

The splendor of a King, clothed in majesty,
Let all the earth rejoice.
He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide,
And trembles at His voice.
Name above all names, Worthy of our praise.
My heart will sing – How great is our God!
– Chris Tomlin

God’s Greatness is Unsearchable

The Bible says that God’s greatness is too wonderful for man’s heart. It is so awesome that it is really still a secret hidden from our minds (Ps. 139:6, 145:3; Judges 13:17-18). Indeed, it is beyond knowing. His greatness is incomprehensible by our finite minds. Even when we think we’ve turned the corner of our understanding, we should realize that we haven’t even come close to being in the same state – much less the same street – of God’s unsearchable awesomeness.

God is limitless in All He Knows. We call this omniscience. There is nothing that He doesn’t already know. He’s never needed counsel or lacked for wisdom. No one has ever been able to say they gave advice to God (Isa. 40:13). He knows the answer to every question we ask; He even knows the questions we will ask before we ask them. Really, God is so great that He knows the questions we should have asked when we didn’t ask anything. We often ask, “Why?” God knows. He understands even when we don’t. When we can’t see the end and we fill with doubts and fears, God invites us to trust Him (Isa. 28:29).

God is measureless in All He Does. We call this omnipotence. There is nothing that God cannot do. He’s not limited in his ability in any aspect. He has no Achilles heel. He’s never felt threatened (Ps. 2:1-4). God’s never gotten better because He’s always been as good as He can get. We don’t always understand His ways (Rom. 11:33), but we can be assured that He is still trustworthy.

God is ceaseless in All He Is. We call this omnipresence. God is God everywhere at all times. He is 100% present here and there, and He’s not spread too thin. He’s never taken a day off from being God – never needed one! He doesn’t have to stop listening to my prayers in order to help you with yours. He multitasks and loses no productivity. He’s never changed because He needs no change (unlike the rest of us).

God’s Greatness is Untouchable

God is awesome because He is sinless (holy) and endless (eternal). Stuff in this world exists according to a timeline. Things we buy new come with warranties because even the manufacturers know they will eventually wear out, deteriorate, fall apart, and break down. But not God! He is without the element of corruption: He is without sin. He will never tire, never faint, never falter, never fail. Things of this earth have an expiration date, they go bad, they rot, rust, and need renewed. But not God! He is eternal. He never had a beginning and will never see an end (Ps. 102:11-12). He is entirely incorruptible and untouchable.

God’s Greatness is Unmatchable

God is great, his position is peerless and his power is priceless. Ask yourself: “Who but God?” Who but God could beautifully design this creation? Who but God could spread out the enormity of space (Ps. 19; 139)? Who but God could set in motion the events of your life (Rom. 8:28-29)? Who but God would love sinners so much to send His only Son (John 1:12)? Who but God is beyond our limits, our measure, our understanding in every way (Isa. 40:28)? Who but God would use His ultimate and absolute power for the good of His people and not for His own greedy gain (Isa. 40:29-31)? Who but God?

Responding to God’s Greatness (Isaiah 40-41)

Trust Him. We all get tired, scared, and overwhelmed; but there is hope for you. When you feel like giving up, just give in. Don’t quit trying, just quit trying so hard. Waiting on the Lord is one of the hardest things a person can do – yet it is clearly one of the most profitable. Wait on the Lord, on His timing, on His strength, on His hand to hold you up. Like Honi the Circle-maker, just boldly wait on the Lord.

Praise Him. Even before the blessing comes, lift up your praise to Him. You might not have what you think you need – the thing that only God can deliver. But God is still good. He is still great. Praise Him because He is unsearchable, untouchable, and unmatchable. Praise Him for His power, His love, His holiness. Praise Him today. Praise Him right now.

Name above all names,
Worthy of our praise,
My heart will sing
How great is our God.

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, and all will see
How great, how great is our God.