1.9-11 The Baptism of Christ
..the Visit, the Vision & the Voice
..Nazareth / Galilee: obscure, despised, contemptible places (lack of morals / education)
..baptized: first task as a man, alone, was a mission of submission (Matt3.15)
..Spirit descending: validation, encouragement, empowering (Jn1.32-34) – symbolism!
..beloved Son: 1st phase of son-ship (2-Cowboy, 3-Warrior, 4-Lover, 5-King, 6-Sage)
..well pleased: the Father’s acceptance & approval (SoS4.7; Eph1.6)

1.12-13 The Testing of Christ
..driveth: to cast out (from within) – the first directive of the Spirit to do spiritual battle
..forty days: a period of proving, testing, or judgment
..tempted: humanity of Christ enduring the three Satanic strategies (1Jn2.16,Matt4)
..ministered: to relieve a burden, to attend to – same word for ‘deacon’ (Matt18.10; Heb1.14)

1.14-15 The Message of Christ
..between v13 & 14 – according to historians, an entire year passed (Matt4.12-16)
..fulfilled: this was the time like no other (Gal4.4)
..kingdom: literally Heaven, figuratively anywhere God is in authority / obeyed
..at hand: if only the Jews had received their King! (they wanted a Lion, not a Lamb Isa53.3)
..repent & believe: turn from sin, turn to the Savior – don’t be good w/o God (Acts20:21)

1.16-20 The Calling of Christ
..Sea of Galilee: this tiny lake (Tiberius) is a ‘sea of significance’ in the Scripture
.. saw: this isn’t their first meeting – these men had already been converted (Jn1.40-42)
..Simon: it’s no surprise that Mark’s ‘hero’ is first-mentioned (‘He saw Peter’ (the Rock))
..fishers: not rich, not influential, not educated (average or just-below – Acts4.13)
..Come: Christ always gently invites followers (Come & see, come & follow, come & die)
..fishers of men: an unmistakable task – an apprentice to learn how to make disciples
..straightway: their surrender was instant, prompt, immediate, without delay (v20)
..forsook / followed: true commitment requires both (leaving & cleaving – Gen2.24)
.. James & John: the sons of Zebedee (sons of thunder)
*Peter was casting his net … ended up being the apostle of evangelism
*John was mending his net … ended up being the apostle of love & relationships
..servants: Zebedee & Salome, it seems, were more likely middle- or upper-class
..left / went after: pursuing Christ cost them their time w/ family and their income…