Did you know…?
– over 4.6 million smart phones are sold each day this year
– over 75% of the world’s population owns a cell phone
– over 85% of phones have access to the internet (traffic is quadrupling each year)
– within 5 years, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the primary way to surf the web

Does your church have a mobile web site?  Does it load quickly enough?  Does it take advantage of new technologies (touch screen, GPS, podcasting, etc.)?

3 Options:

-> EASY: Let us set your site up for your church.  Includes a basic site w/ 5 pages (home, about, contact, map, gospel).
* The quickest and most cost-effective way to get up & running … only $150 (one-time setup)

-> EXPERT: Download the files, edit them, and install them as you wish — only for non-profits.
*Only recommended for the HTML savvy … totally free – really!  [Download instructions below.]

-> CUSTOM: We will customize your site with your logo, custom colors, includes a site with 8+ pages. We will even upload this site to your server and insert the proper redirects for mobile devices (iPods, iPads, Droids, Blackberry…)
*For churches that want to make the best 1st-impression … starts at $350 (depending on the level of  customization).

Two Quick Steps for the free download [ZIP]:

1. Retweet (or facebook) the following:
I’m getting a new, cool, free mobile website for our church, really!  http://wp.me/WnzH   Only from PartnersfortheGospel.com.  [Pleas be sure to include the link & so it will track back to P4G.]
2. Right-click the download link and that’s it (honor system)!