First impressions can make or break you.  Statistics show that your website is the new ‘front door’ of your church!  More and more visitors say they visited the church’s  website before ever stepping foot in the church building.  In fact, many will visit multiple sites before choosing a church to attend this Sunday.  Your virtual welcome mat is now more vital than ever! *For a free, honest review of your church’s website, contact me.

Helpful Questions to Consider:

– Is your website out-dated, canned or stale?  Beautiful, custom websites are not expensive & worth every dime! Modern web-design doesn’t equate with compromise.
– Is it relevant to unbelievers?  Too often, church sites are full of religious ‘Christian-ese’ talk that doesn’t make sense to the ordinary man.
– Does it emphasize buildings or people?  It’s easy to throw up a picture of your steeple or new addition – but it might send the wrong signal!
– Does your site load quickly enough at various speeds?  Try this: hold your breath while your site loads.  If you get uncomfortable – you need to slim it down!
– Is it over- or under-sized?  How does your site look on different computers?  Many times, different browsers and monitors will display websites very differently; a little research goes a long way.
– For a full questionnaire that will help you rate your website’s effectiveness, click here.

What MUST Be on the Front Page:

– A link to the gospel – an evangelistic site is a biblical site
– Map & Service Time(s) – link to more information: directions, full schedule, etc.
– Contact Information – especially a phone and an email
– “I’m New” or “Get to Know Us” Link / Button – with vital information on a person’s first visit, expectations, etc.
– Picture of a real person, smiling – you’d be surprised how this will affect how your site is received
– White space – don’t think you need to fill every spot … don’t overcrowd your front page … simple is better!
– For 70 more helpful tips, click here.

What Should NOT Be on the Front Page:

– Out of Date Content – as a first impression, this shows a lack of attention to detail
– Counters – most sites will send you a link to all kinds of stats, if you will just ask
– Links to everything you like – you’ll lose them if you include too much at once
– Too many graphics – again, too much might slow your load-time down and sacrifice effectiveness
– Clip-art and/or stretched photos – unless you are trying to appeal to someone stuck in the 80’s

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