Exodus is a book about God’s answer to man’s need and God’s supply for man’s sin. In this message, we will discover the foundations of deliverance that will be realized later in the book (Exodus 5:1-6:30).

1. A Clash of Rulers: Moses and Pharaoh, representing the wills of both God and Satan, each striving for the fate of God’s chosen people.

2. Conflicting Results: While the Jews were expecting great and immediate deliverance, they were met with tremendous difficult and added oppression. But things don’t have to be going our way to be going God’s way… He was still very much in control!

3. Critics of Redemption: Difficulty seems to surface very often in our relationships and in our words… and in this case, both. The stress of the additional workload prompted the leaders of the Hebrews to blame Moses for their misfortune and doubt the soveriegnty of Almighty God.

4. The Character of God Revealed: He revealed Himself to Moses as Jehovah, the covenant-keeper with several ‘I have’ and ‘I am’ statements. He then renewed His unconditional promise with them through six strong ‘I will’ statements.

5. God’s Care Reminded: The LORD then reminded Moses of his chosen lineage by continuing the line from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through Reuben, Simeon, and Levi. What a comfort to consider Gal. 3:29 which states if we are Christ’s then we are part of that seed as well and heirs of the promise.

6. The Charge Repeated: With this news, Moses went back to Pharaoh to show the Lord strong and mighty in Egypt and to deliver His people from their oppression.

*Special Note: Even with God’s strong statements of promise in Ex. 6, the people were still doubting and fearful… the reason is found in vs. 9: “anguish of spirit and cruel bondage.” Let us each one guard against the crushing power of Satanic bondage in our lives, for there are few things so powerful that make us feel removed from God’s power and convince us that God’s promises are impersonal.