Exodus 3:1-4:17 records the calling of Moses. The burning bush experience was one of revelation of God as the Great I AM to a reluctant leader. The key to understanding this passage is: TRUST! God believed in Moses as His man – and Moses needed to learn to trust God wholly – and the people of God would grow in their faith, too.  God doesn’t call us to tasks too difficult for HIM. Oftentimes, what the Lord asks of us is nearly impossible to us, but not for Him!

Moses expressed some genuine concerns… I’m unworthy (insecure); I don’t know enough (unprepared). Yet God’s answers were simple: ‘I will be with you, I AM enough! Trust me.’ But they were not enough for Moses… I’m afraid (what if…); I’m not able (speech); I don’t want to (unwilling). The Lord wants our obedience, NOT our excuses.

It’s human nature to want to biggest, brightest, and the best – but God  loves to use foolish, feeble, cowardly, commonplace, and contemptible vessels!   The Lord doesn’t use these things / people because they are the left-overs, He chooses to use these so that He will receive the glory.  Runts don’t get picked for the football team, the handicapped don’t get looked to as leaders, and cowards make terrible soldiers…  When we see ourselves as we really are – as weak – we are at our highest potential to be used of God.

Ex. 4:18-31
*The will of God involves detailed obedience. Although I’m a big-picture kind of guy, I must remember that God wants care given to the details. The line items and the small things matter very much to the God who Created the universe with the most intricate of details.  Moses took care of his responsibilities with his boss (Jethro) but failed with his family (the circumcision of his son).

*There is a big difference is serving God publicly and living for Him privately.  Moses was answering the call, yet God knew he had unfinished business left unattended.  God met him in the way to make sure that he and his whole family were following the Hebrew way with integrity and without hypocrisy.  It’s quite possible that Zipporah was the one who circumcised their son because she had previously pressured Moses not to back in Midian.  When your public and private lives are duplicitous, your children will suffer the consequences!

*God will send others who love you to encourage you in the calling of God. Moses was leaving on a journey of faith with an upset wife and a recovering son.  His faith is swimming in doubts and fears, I’m sure.  But out of the dust in the distance, comes a figure into view… it is Aaron.  While God was telling Moses to go into Egypt, God was also speaking to Aaron about going to meet Moses in the wilderness.  Learn to let your relationships be balanced (not always giving, not always receiving).  Pride keeps us from working together with those closest to us, fear keeps us from working with those a little different from us.  Working together, Moses & Aaron revealed God’s plan to the people, and they believed and worshiped the Lord.