~COST: Free!
~TECH LEVEL: Intermediate
~SCRIPTURE: Acts 5:42 (daily… in every house)
~BENEFITS: Very High!

A 24-hour Prayer & Promise Line adds another point of contact between your church and your community, another connection between the pastor and the pew… It’s as easy as recording a new voicemail message (that’s exactly what it is)… It requires a little discipline, some study and prayer, and about 10 minutes a week! [If you don’t want to mess with it daily, just set aside 2 hours a month and record four weeks worth at once.]

Imagine for a moment that someone calls the church just to listen to a 60-second recording containing a daily promise and prayer updates.  After the message, they can leave their feedback or prayer needs.  When they hang up, you receive a transcribed email of what they said, if anything, with their actual audio message attached.  It will bless your guests, your shut-ins, your deployed military, disconnected attendees, your faithful members, etc.  Our prayer line has touched other churches (at least 4) and blessed their members too!

Here’s how… visit Google.com/Voice and register your free number & voicemail box.  Next, set your preferences.  (Connect to your mobile?  Transcribe voicemails?  Forwarding / screening?)  Next, record your message… then get the word out (church bulletin, website, facebook, twitter, etc.)  When it comes to the 24-hr Promise Line – if you build it, they will come!  By the way, mine is 502-354-8354.  Let me know when you get yours set up…