The main theme of Exodus 2:23-25 is the Providence of God… God Knew – and He still does! He heard the cry and groans of His people, He cared about their suffering, and He knew just how to deliver them.

In Ex. 2:1-10, we see *A Parent’s Faith: a young couple married in the midst of such oppression and decided to have children.  Jachobed released her son by faith (in the handmade ark) and was blessed with his return for several years.  She was able to rear Him as a follower of Yahweh and get paid for it, too.  Skeptics question Christian families for bringing little children into such a spiritually hostile environment, but nothing is too hard for the Lord.  This day offers special challenges to Christian parents who seek to bring their children up in the ways of God, but there remains nothing more rewarding that parenting a child who walks in truth (3 John 4).  *God knows how to deliver our children from the hand of the enemy.

Forty years later, we are shown *A Prophet’s Failure (Ex. 2:11-15).  Moses had it in his heart to deliver his people (Acts 7:23-25), but he operated by sight instead of faith, in his time instead of God’s.  Have you ever had a burden to serve and help others, so you jumped in and made a mess of things?  I have – many times.  Good intentions aren’t enough – we need God (Phil. 2:13).   *God knows how to deliver us for our failures for His glory!

This was all *Preparation for the Future (Ex. 2:16-22).  Moses ran to Midian to get away from Pharaoh, but God was taking Him there to go to school.  He would learn a new style of leadership (shepherding) as well as the lay of the land (where he would lead a wandering people for 40 years).  If you feel like you’re on the back side of the desert, far from your calling, it’s likely you’re in a place of preparation. (Don’t forget that forty years is a long time to us, but not with God – He had been working on this timetable for 400 years.  Be patient.)  *God knows how to deliver his people from their bondage.