The theme of Exodus is the Deliverance of God’s people.  Chapter 1 gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the events leading up to their redemption.

1. The Need for Deliverance (1-6)

When Jacob and his family came to Egypt to escape famine, there were only seventy.  Now, there were thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands).  They had made this foreign land their home. They forgot where they belonged & did not return to Canaan after the famine.  We are citizens of a heavenly country and we cannot forget to pass this vital information on to our children, lest when we die, they begin to live comfortably in this world!

2. The Desperation for Deliverance (8-14)

Egypt’s system is one of burdens, impossible expectations, fear, and terrible oppression (rigor).  So it is with this world’s system, is it not?  Credit debt, time clocks, addictive habits, poor health, lack of sleep… each one building upon another pushing you further to your demise.  Once the Tyrant has you, he wants to keep you. Remember, we are made free by the Truth (John 8:32), so why do we keep returning to the elements of bondage  (Romans 6:16-22)?

3. The Operator of Deliverance (7, 12, 19-20)

God is always at work!  Sometimes you might see it, sometimes you might not – but your perspective never changes God’s sovereignty.  The Jews were not in the place God had for them, yet He was faithfully blessing them.  He was multiplying their numbers and their strength.  He had promised to bless Abraham and His people (Gen. 12) and He intended on keeping that promise!  God’s covenants are unconditional toward His people – even when we aren’t living up to our expectations.  This is the goodness of God that brings us back to repentance (Romans 2:4).

4. The Key to Deliverance (15-21)

Fearing God is the key.  The Israelite midwives demonstrated great courage in the face of Pharaoh’s mandate. They believed God (and they were blessed with families of their own).  Fearing & trusting God above all others is always the right move (Acts 5:29-30)!