#1 I wouldn’t like them substituting my name out with an X or any other letter… It is impersonal and disrespectful.  Yes, I realize that some think its okay because CHI (X) is the Greek initial for Christ, but it reminds me too much of ‘JC’ — which isn’t very worshipful either.

#2 Also, serious Satanist & Atheists made it a long-time practice to never write the name Christ or God – but always to sub it with an X… (don’t know if that’s still in effect or not). If you scour the web, you’ll still find a bunch of that stuff with Xian and Xmas – just think it’s sad that Christians have adopted that practice.

#3 CHRIST is Jesus’ title of Messiah. Without it, his name is human. With it, his name is Divine. So many of the modern versions totally remove the title Christ … literally hundreds of times! ‘They’ say that newer versions are easier to understand… but removing ‘CHRIST’ doesn’t help readability or accuracy, it just dethrones the deity of Jesus.

#4 Says in the WORD that false prophets, apostles, and apostate spirits would have trouble confessing Jesus as the Christ…

I just think that Christians who are called by His name/title shouldn’t ever abandon or substitute anything for that name/title that means everything. We should wear it and write it and speak it gratefully and ‘proudly.’ That’s all – but to each his own, I realize it’s not an essential or fundamental of the faith – just a little pet peeve, I guess.