Jesus is the greatest gift that was ever given.  This season provides one of the greatest opportunities to the church for sharing the good news of the incarnation, crucifixion, and the resurrection.  Don’t miss the open door that God has provided for you to reach your world…  I welcome you to share your ideas!

#1 – Christmas Dessert Concert

Host a beautiful night of great music and delicious treats.  Have your adults and children sing.  Invite local choirs / groups to join you!  Ask church members not singing to bake sweet desserts and to bring some hot cocoa and coffee.  See if you can have it in your town square, but if not your church works great too!  See a sample ticket and program.

#2 – Nativity CD

Give an Audio CD containing the entire Christmas story with Christmas songs between the chapters.  We gave these out to every business owner in our town and to many of our neighbors.  Church members sponsored the cost – about $.25 each. This is a DIY project – find MP3 Scripture files here and Christmas music here.  (By using the KJV and some classic carols, the disc would not face any copyright infringements.)

#3 – Christmas Tract

Share “The Gift of Christmas” with all you know.  It is an attractive way to convey the message of the gospel.  The tract is blank on the back (ready for your church’s information).  Download the PDF.  As always, the source files are available for free download – let me know if you need them!

#4 – Desktop Wallpapers

I’ve said this before… Christians love this stuff!  It’s amazing how many more hits on our site we are getting since we started posting desktop wallpapers & backgrounds.  People from all over begin to Google us (be sure to add the keywords “desktop wallpaper” to your meta-data).

local choirs to sing.  Make use of your adult and children’s choirs