Article by Steve Gettinger, Pastor of Risen Lord Lutheran Church, Taylorsville, Kentucky.

The title of this article just happens to also be the title of a very popular song by a band called the Beatles.  Now I am not sure how much the Beatles knew about love, but I do know Someone who knows more about love than anyone else. That  Someone is our Heavenly Father, the personification of love. Let me share with you a few of words of wisdom from this expert on love from His Book:

*Love covers over all wrongs
*Love is not self-seeking
*Bear with one another in love
*Speak the truth in love
*Husbands love your wives as your own bodies
*Love one another deeply
*What a person truly desires is unfailing love

This last comment is the one I wish to focus on. People all over the world have a basic need or desire to be loved. In many relationships there seems to be a problem with conveying love in a way that the other person can receive it. We can love a person very deeply, but if we can’t express it to them in a way that they understand, our love becomes meaningless to them and the relationship suffers. The best book I have ever read on this topic is a New York Times best seller, titled “The Five Love Languages” by author Gary Chapman. He says there are five specific love languages: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch. Mr. Chapman says, “What speaks volumes to you may be meaningless to your spouse.” As a pastor I counsel people with marital and family problems. I often ask them to read this book, so that they can learn to love another person deeply in ways that the other person can understand.

Jesus used all five of these love languages with people when he walked this earth.
– Jesus spent quality time with people, especially sinners like us.
– Jesus spoke words of affirmation to many people that came to him with requests
– Jesus did acts of service by teaching and feeding thousands of people.
– Jesus physically touched the little children brought to him by holding them.
– Jesus gave gifts of love, forgiveness, and his life on the cross to set us free from our sins.

Remember that in the end… LOVE WINS.

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