We’re excited to announce the release of a new gospel tract… one that you can totally customize!  It’s not only attractive (featuring the new iPod touch outside), but it’s also powerful (it’s got the power of God unto salvation inside).  With about 300 million iPods now in the hands of consumers, this tract relates to almost everyone – but especially the youth.  We have issued several versions of this tract (in case you don’t want to mess with editing) to help you get these in the hands of your church & the community as quick-and-easy as possible.  The back is totally ‘blank’ for you to add your own information, if desired.  Get the PDF [2mb].  Get the PSD [15mb].  Get free customization by shooting me an email: patchnix@gmail.com  Click to enlarge:

Sample Outside:

Sample Inside:

Blank front & back // Sample idea with church info:

Other ‘iPod’ tracts:
original 1st-gen tract (Stephen Snider, designer)
3-panel youth tract (source unknown)