1. Vote for LIFE. Although any single candidate could not likely reverse Roe v. Wade alone, he will one more voice to stand up for the innocent.  As more and more voices unite, this could help to steer the way our nation reads the Constitution for an entire generation into the right direction.  And, believe it or not, a vote supporting the death penalty is a pro-life vote!

2. Vote for MARRIAGE & FAMILY. A Candidate’s initiatives will be determined by his views regarding marriage and family.  Not only do we, as a nation, not need another scandal, but we need a man of integrity and virtue in the Capitol.  Don’t allow diversity groups to intimidate you with terms like ‘homophobe’ or ‘hate-crime.’  The fact is, God used very strong language (He called sodomy an abomination); and parents need to retain the right to discipline, train, and nurture their children (it is not the government’s responsibility).

3. Vote for FREEDOM. Yes, freedom comes at a price. It has a big risk: security.  But this risk should not be legislated away with our freedoms.  Laws like the Patriot Act and Gun Control seek to protect us, yet they have also locked away genuine freedoms.  Agencies like the ACLU seek to promote civil rights, but in reality they support special rights (which devalue the original rights most of us share).

4. Vote for LESS. Democrats and Republicans alike have gone hog-wild with big government.  Americans really do need less – fewer taxes, fewer laws, fewer government agencies.  Less is more.  It will hurt us in the long run to have universal health care.  We need to open the social security system up to private investing.  (Think about it: Can I do any worse than what the government does managing my money?)  Don’t buy into the rhetoric that we need another law or more funding.  If you agree, just remember that less federal- and state-government will require more self-government of neighborhoods & communities.

5. Vote for GOD. Keep in mind that God is watching you vote and He cares about what matters to you.  God has an opinion on most (if not all) of these issues, and we need to determine to be in His ‘party’ and on His side!  Ask yourself, “How would Jesus vote?”

A Great Site to Research Your Candidate: http://judeo-christianvoterguide.com/