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One-fourth of the world’s population views the Quran as their final authority. It is their Holy Book.  Most Christians don’t realize that what it says is quite possibly the best starting point for sharing the gospel with a Muslim.  The Quran probably has more in common with the Bible than you might think!  Each of the following is a perfect ‘talking point’ between Christians and Muslims (symbolized by a ~).


~”I think the Quran begins by talking about the God I worship, too.”  Did you know that the Quran begins with an introduction to God.  They believe Him to be loving and merciful, that He is worthy of faith and worship, and that He will reveal ‘the straight path.’  (~What is the straight path?)   Surah 1:1-6

~”I love the emphasis the Quran puts on Jesus!”  Surah 3:45 calls Him “Word” and speaks of His eternal qualities.  3:55 speaks of Christ’s followers being honored in the day of judgment (Day of Resurrection).  21:91 clear states Him being the son of a virgin (miraculous birth).

~”Did you know that the Quran shows tremendous respect for the Bible.”  Some Muslims might say the Bible has been corrupted, but not according to Surah 15:9.  4:136 says not to reject the books of God (includes the Law, Psalms, & the Prophets) and 5:47 points to Gospel (~Which gospel? What is the gospel acc. to Allah?)

~”It’s a shame we can’t be friends.”  Christians and Muslims are to show one another affection acc. to 5:82.  In fact, Surah 10:94-95 commands any Muslim in doubt of his mission / faith to find out more from “those who read the Scripture” who came before Islam (Christ-followers).  Even amidst disagreement, Muslims are required to be respectful and gracious (16:125).


Muslims, like all other human beings, are desperately seeking peace.  Just as you don’t like to be judged by the hypocrites and the ultra-radical, so-called Christians, don’t judge all Muslims by the actions and attitudes of others.  Begin your conversation with: “Peace be unto you.”  Be a peace-maker.

Remember that a Muslim is living in a system of works and self-effort.  They never know if they have done enough to please their god and receive ultimate rewards.  They live in unrest – carrying the burden of their sins.  Like all people who live with such uncertainty and weariness, they long for peace.  Show them Christ, who is our peace (Eph. 2).  You are an ambassador of reconciliation to repair their relationship with God (2 Cor. 5:18). Don’t underestimate the power of your testimony.  It is an excellent way to communicate the gospel with a Muslim!


When speaking with a Muslim about your Faith… it’s essential to remember to define all the important terms.  Culture affects terminology, so ask questions about the following… and listen closely to their replies!

Christian – They call us a ‘people of The Book’ … Don’t refer to yourself as a ‘Christian’ … When you say ‘Christian,’ they think Catholic (an enemy, infidel).  Don’t ever ask if they want to become a Christian, they won’t consider changing religions.  Stress that you want them to have a PERSONAL relationship w God.

Convert – implies proselytize to/from religion.  Needs explanation.

Gospel – good news.  Don’t take their understanding for granted. God loves, Christ cares.

Trinity – not 3 gods, only 1.   Muslims don’t infer the same three as we understand: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Son of God – important to define because what we say and what they hear are two different things.  They have been taught wrongly about Jesus.

Holy – Muslims don’t understand why Christians take their Bibles to the bathroom if it is a ‘holy book.’  Why do we wear our shoes into our place of worship?

Special Thanks to Matt Sexton & Faith for the Family for much of this information (Message Here)!