Ask yourself…

How does God see me?  Not how my family does, nor my friends, nor the pastor… but God.  What does He think of my actions, words, decisions, feelings, & thoughts.

Notice what God says to the 7 churches… REV. 2:2, 9, 13, 19; 3:1, 8, 15

God will find you in one of these progressive possibilities… find yourself and see what step, if any, you should take:


– the default! – most are in this crowd  (broad way vs. narrow way)
– 2 Types of ‘wrong-doers’: the really evil & the not-so-bad -Rom. 3:10 [“Good”]
– But all sin must be paid for – Rom. 3:23, 6:23 – penalty is death – phys/ spir
– Just because God loves all people, doesn’t mean everybody will be in heaven
– If that were the case then why did Jesus have to die?
– Just because Jesus died for all men, doesn’t mean everybody will be in heaven
– If that were the case then why did Jesus preach about hell?
– Just because you know about Jesus’ story, doesn’t mean you’re going to heaven
– If that were the case then Judas would not be in hell today
– It must be accepted & appropriated… bringing us to pt 2

2. SON

– contrary to popular belief, we’re not God’s sons by creation – but by salvation
– We’re not born as sons of God – but born again as sons of God
– Gal. 3:22-26 – you can only become a son BY FAITH
– It doesn’t matter who you are – how old, religious bkgrnd., we’re all the same
– This is the FIRST STEP in your Worthy Walk with God – you can’t take any
other step w/o this one… you’re only going through the motions [VACUUM]


– Christian motivated by DUTY / responsibility
– Everyone is serving somebody!  Who / what are you serving?
– Possibilities: Bank, Satan, Self, Sports, Spouse, Pastor, Jesus Christ
– Make your decision – you can’t straddle the fence – Matt. 6:24, 33
– Serve the King of Kings & Lord of Lords – Surrender to be His Servant NOW


– the elite (Abraham) motivated by LOVE
– Seeing God as your friend & Him seeing you as friend – 2  DIFFERENT things
– James 4:4 – a friend of the world is enemy of God & vice versa
– It seems like most Christians today aren’t motivated to do the basic commands…

Read His Word

Come to His House

Help His People

Support His Work

Witness in His Name

Why aren’t these things flowing from us?  Why don’t we love Him more?  Are we doing what He wants?  (John 15:14)

Matt. 7 teaches that many will meet God deceived regarding their own spiritual condition… Don’t meet God fooled… Be honest w/ self & God today! It’s time to take a step toward God (from sinner to son, from son to servant, from servant to friend)!