Here are a few soul-winning [outreach] ideas that were ‘out of the box’ when we tried them – and they really worked!  Now we do something like this at least a couple of times a year… not only does it generate a massive amount of visitors, but it gets our church folks genuinely excited about reaching their community!

1. Out-of-the-Box Mass Mailing

We mailed 15,000 copies of the Community Connection Newspaper (reaching 50,000 people for less than $2,400). All-time best investment!  Our 12-page, full-color newspaper printed for $.07 each; mailed for $.07 more.
Where did we get the paper? I designed the paper (I now have 7 templates fully designed and ready for you to use… if you need it) and had it printed at the publishers that prints our local paper.  Here are a few samples: [1] [2] [3] [4]
What about content / articles? Some articles I’ve used w/ permission from other Baptist publications, but most were written by members of our church about things close to their heart.

2. Out-of-the-Box CD Ministry

Sermon CDs – Free, weekly duplication of your message for nursery workers, shut-ins, and the community – not expensive at all ($.25 each), yet priceless in its affects.  With today’s technology, you can have 7-10 ready to give out as people leave the church… and don’t ever charge for them!  Encourage your members to listen to them as they commute to / from work.
Interactive CDs – One of the coolest things we ever did: put the gospel, MP3′s, JPG’s, & PDF’s on a CD… Our folks enjoyed handing them out & people loved getting them… especially those living close to the church (where many people have already received multiple tracts and/or brochures from us).  These cost about 3-4 times the cost of tracts… but their effects were multiplied greater!
Bible MP3 CDs – Have you ever sent a copy of God’s Word into your community… claiming Isaiah 55:11.  We sent out 350 copies of the Bible (New Testament, Genesis, & Psalms) to our neighbors.  Now we give every Sunday visitor a copy, too.  It’s been a huge hit!