Like anything else in the church (and life), the things that work best didn’t just get here by accident.  They were carefully created.  Great ministries don’t just spring up one day accidentally – they must be prayed over and thought through. The Media Ministry is no exception.  It won’t be successful without God-honoring goals.  It’ll surely crash if left to auto-pilot!


Without goals, media ministries will end up you-know-where!

– Drain the budget – Spending more than it should or than it’s worth
– Drain the volunteer – Taking far too much time & energy
– Drain the Pastor – Learning what not to do through multiple ‘failures’


The answer, to me, is simply found in one Scriptural goal: 
Good Stewardship

The idea is that technology can be a blessing, if we use it – or a curse if it begins to use us!  How many of us feel this way about our cell phone… is it a blessing or a curse? Good stewardship dictates that I evaluate the use of the sound system, projection equipment, website, print media, twitter, facebook, blogging, etc. with the following questions:

– Does the way we use technology glorify God? [The ultimate question.]
– What is the main reason for having a Media Ministry? A,B, or C?
A. They’re cool!  Everyone else has one, so our church decided we needed one. Don’t we?
B. Saving time & money.  We don’t want to reach more, we just want to do what we do easier and cheaper!  How can we generate similar results while investing less expense / less time into the ministry?*
C. Greater impact.  How will technology allow us to actually expand our ministry without drastically modifying the budget or our schedules?*

“Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can.”  Jonathan Edwards wrote that nearly 200 years ago, yet I’ve not found a better Media Ministry mission statement.  This resolution sums up what our attitude ought to be toward all technology in the church & in Christian living… good stewardship.

An Old Testament Parallel: When God called Moses, Moses fearfully objected. God pointed his attention to a rod: “What is that in thine hand?”  A stick – a tool of the trade.  ‘Put it to use for me.’  God can bless our simplest inventions, bringing them to life.  God wants to use me – He’ll even use what’s in my hand, if I’ll surrender it to Him.

Technology makes a terrible taskmaster… just look around.  Don’t let your church become victim – don’t let yourself fall prey!  If your Media Ministry is surviving because of your pragmatic justification – it won’t be long until you hear that sucking sound… the drain (see above).  Be a good steward.  Take control with Scriptural goals.  Determine to use technology for God’s glory and the gospel’s sake.

*Note: Most Pastors want both B & C… greater impact for less.  Sorry, but please keep reality in mind!  It’s best if you make a decision – choose one or the other and run with it.  Is your motive frugality or furtherance?