Worship, true worship, is the quality a Father looks for in His children.  Man’s chief end is to glorify God, to honor Him, and to worship Him.  Worship means to show worth and/or value.   What is God worth to you?  (see John 4:19-24, Hebrews 10:19-25)

WORSHIP IS: Posturing Myself before Him

Voluntary humbling of one person in order to exalt another.  Ninety-five times in the Old Testament is the action of “bowing; prostrating one’s self” …on one’s face… (Genesis 24:26, 48, and 52) – Posture!  We call our Sunday service our ‘Worship Service.’  How often have you got on your face at church – really on your face before Almighty God?  (It’s really more of a preaching service.)

What if an alien could read the Bible and see what God desires, then drives past our church (mosque, temple)?  Whose God is the true God?  Who’s worth it?  (No wonder the world doesn’t know Him!)

WORSHIP IS: Passionate Love Displayed toward God

Worship is extreme submission and extravagant love.  Sixty times in the New Testament is “to kiss at; show great love” (attitude).  Solomon’s first act in the new temple was to dedicate it with a ridiculously expensive amount of sacrifices – offering sweet incense into the heavenlies.  Not to earn anything or to request anything, only for gratitude and an overwhelming love for the One who deserves it (Luke 7:37-38).

WORSHIP IS: Prioritizing My Life for God

As Mark Hamby put it, “Worship is a preoccupation with God.”  Because He is worthy, I honor Him with a sacrifice, my service, my surrender.  Putting Him first with my time (service), my money and my stuff (sacrifice).  Am I willing to sacrifice the most precious thing in the world for Him? (Genesis 22:5)