Bill Mallory traveled to India and back to find his life’s purpose – He never found it. He asked at every Chevron – “As you travel, ask us.” He only received a credit application in the mail as a response. You’ll not find it at a gas station, on a talk show, or in a self-help book. You’ll only find it in the Word of God (Revelation 4:11).

If you think that doing your own thing for 167 hours this week and then giving God one hour on Sunday is going to be satisfying to you, it won’t be and you know it! You were created to give God much more of what He deserves! If you think that parking your rear end in a pew for one hour in His house will make your life fulfilled and satisfying, you’ve got another thing coming. But hey—neither will parking yourself here every time the doors are open! If you were here every second that these doors were open, you’d only have been here for 10-10.5 hours; and that’s not enough! It’s so tragic to see people giving church a slim chance with a Sunday A.M. effort, then when life isn’t satisfying, when God is not coming through, when marriage fails, when a good child goes bad, those same people blame God and/or church. What am I saying? Life is so much more! Your spiritual life is so much more! You know it. You feel it. There’s a pull, a migration/magnetism to be closer to God.

So why do we come together? We call it a Worship Service. But I pray this is not the extent of your worship, and I believe it’s probably not. Maybe after this message, you will be able to recognize and grow in your worship.

According to the Bible, WORSHIP IS NOT:

– A singular technique of praising God
– A specific style of music (it’s far more)
– For my benefit, blessing, and encouragement (I am not the audience/receiver; I am the actor/giver)

WORSHIP IS:Focusing my Attention on God (Mind Thoughts)

Looking unto Jesus, considering Him (Hebrews 12:2-3).  Taking my mind out of this world (Romans 8:5-8).  Adjusting my thought and fixating on a new target.

“Let the mind of the Master be the master of your mind.”
“Thinking is the hardest work there is!” – Henry Ford

WORSHIP IS: Expressing my Affection for God (Heart Emotions)

Worship literally means “kissing at” – non-verbal, response to God’s revealed love (I John 4:19), in close contact with.  Some people find it hard to say “I love you.” It’s not so much saying it as it is showing it (thinking then thanking).  For example: ‘1. I am your husband; 2. It’s our anniversary; 3. I am supposed to be extra sweet to you today. , so here!’  It doesn’t work that way!  In all my background you always showed Him by serving Him; but the Lord says to me and you—ONE THING IS NEEDFUL (Luke 10:41-42).

How It All Works Together:

We were created to live in God’s presence—close, not distant. It seems almost impossible with sin all around us, BUT it’s possible to enter through PRAISE (Psalm 100:1-5) by: Singing (v. 2), Knowing, remembering, and thinking on (v. 3), Thanksgiving, gratitude, and praise (v. 4).  We are priests, offer sacrifices, minister to Him, the smell of incense (Ezekiel 44:16 and I Peter 2:5).