We’ve added a few links to resources on the ‘Partners Page.’  We use these on a very regular basis for our ministry.  Below are a few of the new additions.  I dare you to see if you can live without them!

Church Office Online – the best church-management bang for the buck…easy to create calendars, directories, ministry lists & more – plus, no more worries about backups

MailChimp – great email marketing tool for simple, automated campaigns & list management [FREE]

DropBox – drag and drop 2GB of files into a folder on your computer – they will be  instantly synced with your comrades for sharing [FREE]

EverNote – remember everything – ‘No More Post-It Note Desk-Clutter!’ – enough said [FREE]

Ministry127 Videos – high-quality, inspirational videos for special occasions / special emphasis days [FREE]

Don’t forget to visit the Partners Page for a full list of our ministry & resource links…