II Corinthians 12:7-10; Exodus 5:20

  1. We get in the way of someone’s happiness – Genesis 16:7 (Hager)
    • In relationships…am I the source of their pain? Yes, then its time to go.
  2. We get in the way of what God is doing  – Exodus 4:10-12 (Moses)
    • In the work of God…could God do a better job of ________ without me? Yes.
  3. We get in the way of God’s Blessings – I Chronicles 28:3 (Daniel)
    • Our sins and failures…don’t all sins have repercussions? Yes. 2 steps forward / 3 back

[Not only can we see ourselves this way…but others, too!   *It’s important you don’t make other people feel like they’re in the way!] We do this when we blame them – instead of taking responsibility

WHY it’s so important to be in the way:

We learn of Him better in the way (Psalm 25:8)

– He is in the way… and if that’s where He is, that’s where I want to be!
– Luke 24:35 – “may you be covered in the dust of your Rabbi”

We are led of Him in the way (Genesis 24:27 – Eleazar
– There’s no better spot to be led than here
– Neh. 9:19 – pillar of cloud / fire;  Ex. 23:20 – an angel to keep thee…
We live for Him in the way (Exodus 5:20 – Moses & Aaron)
– The World didn’t like it (Egypt)
– The Government didn’t appreciate it (Pharaoh)
– The People of God didn’t want to put up with it (Jews)
– But they were right where God wanted them to be!  In the Way!