Article by Patrick & Joy Nix

We have become a makeover-crazed society.  You can’t flip through the channels or walk through the mall or talk with your friends at work without hearing about another woman getting a makeover.  It’s everywhere!  Why are they so popular?  There are several reasons:

1. Make overs are fun.  The excitement and anticipation builds each minute while you’re getting a makeover.  We all love to feel beautiful – and make overs bring beauty and change without all the hassle.

2. People love personal attention.  A makeover is about one person… you!  It’s satisfying to have people paying attention to you, especially when you’ve been giving so much attention to your husband, kids, work, and the list goes on.

3. They are dissatisfied with themselves.  Lots of women are running in for more than just new make-up and hair-styles.  Many are going all out with surgeries and some are going into serious debt for these changes.

Ladies, there’s another kind of makeover that we should consider.  It’s a makeover of our inward woman.  It’s a spiritual makeover.  Have you ever had one?  Read the following Scriptures and examine your inward beauty to see if these exist in your life…

God’s Word says our “adorning” (techniques of feeling beautiful / getting attention) should not be of “plaiting of the hair, or of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel.”  Is God against fixing your hair, wearing jewelry, and putting on clothes… let’s hope not!  These are things that we women can do – but they should never be the things that:
1. Make us feel beautiful
2. Get the attention of those around us.

The Bible goes on to say, “Let it be the hidden man of the heart…even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”  God’s opinion should matter most, and He states what is of true value – what He sees on the inside of each of us – in our spirit.  The outward stuff is cheap… but the inward is pricey.  Let’s trade in our ‘cheap’ looks for the pricey…

Let God give you a makeover.  It’s fun and exciting to let Him do His work in your life.  You’ll begin to see changes before anyone else – and the anticipation will build.  Think about it, getting all that personal attention from the Creator… wow!  Ever thought about God designing you with real beauty in mind?  This is the ultimate in personal attention!

I will have to admit, ladies, that a spiritual makeover will cost you something – but not near as much as one for your body.  You’ll have to let go of your bad habits and emotions (repent) and start applying God’s makeup – a humble and quiet spirit.

Most of us are dissatisfied with ourselves in some way.  But I believe too many of us are more satisfied with what others see of our beauty than we are of what God sees.  How do I know?  Because we spend more time in front of the mirror with our makeup and curling irons than we do in front of God’s Word.