This November marks the 8th time I’ve had the important opportunity to offer my vote for who should hold the office of President, but I’m already feeling a range of emotions…   I don’t really like either of the candidates.  I don’t know if they mean what they say.  I don’t know who to trust.  I don’t know if my vote will really count anyway. Ever feel this way?  If so, I trust the next few paragraphs will help you during days ahead….

Roses are Red, Liberals are Blue

According to the Washington Post, Tim Russert coined the terms, ‘Red states, blue states’ during the 2000 presidential election.  If that’s true, I guess I’m red (even though red has traditionally been the color of communism).  Yes, I’m a diehard conservative.  I guess I’m traditional in most  senses of the word – especially politically.  I vote the issues, not the party.  I vote the why, not the who.  Let’s be perfectly honest.  The blues (D)  look good on paper.  They know their policy. They understand economics.  But we don’t need a socialist-style healthcare system.  Long waiting lines for guns don’t deter real killers.  Saving the spotted owl is not as important as saving the unborn.   But the reds (R) seem to be just as liberal as the bluest of blues.  They seem to be as socialistic (big-government).  They seem to be an equal match in pushing agendas such as diversity (special rights for homosexuals), climate change (tree-hugging), and women’s rights to choose (pro-abortion).  The red seems to be turning into an ugly pinkish-purple.

What about a 3rd Party Solution?
Is a vote for a third-party really a vote for the other party?  No! There’s no such thing as a wasted vote.  Blue votes aren’t wasted in our red state.  Green votes are not wasted on a can’t-win.  No vote is wasted when it is cast in conviction.  This year, millions of voters will vote for someone who will lose.  Will they waste their vote?  No.  A vote doesn’t have to win to count.

What Really Counts…

Let’s keep in mind what is really important here: that God is in control of all things and that He is going with me into the voting booth in November.  He will put into office whom He chooses.  I’m not accountable to ‘my party’ for my vote – only to God!  He cares what I vote for and who I support.  The Bible says that every person will have to give an account for every thing that they ever said, did, and even thought (2 Corinthians 5:10). Since God has given me the ability to vote – I’m accountable to Him for that!  I’ll answer to God for what goes on behind that curtain, and you will, too.  If for nothing else, that’s why your vote matters… because it matters to Him.  But if that’s true, then I really only have one way to vote – the God-way.  What does God think about the candidate?  Would He vote for him / her?  Would God support abortion, the patriot act, immigration laws, same-sex marriage, off-shore drilling?  What does He think about stem-cell research, minimum wage, assault weapons, health care?  He has an opinion about most of these things. Think about it… will your vote be something that God is happy about?