Article by Chuck Adams, Spencer County Schools Superintendent

Children: our most precious and valuable resource as guardians of the future.  Imagine, if you will, a child that proceeds through the elementary years, adolescent years, teen years, and early adulthood without the direction and structure that only we as adults can provide.  What images come to mind?  Would society continue to function as we now know it?
The point I’m attempting to produce is the impact that we make on the lives of children everyday as educators, as well as Christians.  Many times, that impact goes unbeknownst to us, but our actions tend to be of considerable importance to a young, impressionable mind by “sowing the seed” in an appropriate manner.  Make no mistake that the seeds we sow will impact the children around us.  Therefore, it is our responsibility as adults to ensure that our actions that will inevitably affect children are both virtuous and ethical.
Realizing the importance of the consequences of our actions, Spencer County Schools strives to create an atmosphere that is nurturing for our children through serving.  We do this by developing relationships, individualizing instruction to fit the needs of the individual child, peer mentoring programs, and organizing functions to celebrate the achievements, as well as the decisions of our children.  As superintendent, my entire philosophy revolves around serving and nurturing children, just as I’m nurtured daily by my faith and belief in God.  Through the strength and wisdom in which He provides me to manage the responsibilities of an entire school district, I consider myself blessed to also have the ability to plant the seed of righteousness through my actions.  After all, the child who may be watching at any given moment is our most precious and valuable resource.