I woke up this morning reminded that I am only human… sun-burnt, sleepy, and sore from a day’s work out in yesterday’s heat. I realize that I am only one man – but today I carry an ax. I have recently found some nasty trees growing in my own backyard. They are growing on my property… and it’s time to take action. The trees bear the fruit of evolution… literally. They are growing in the backyard of my family, my life, my church. It’s got to stop – so that’s why I’ve picked up my ax. My ax is something that is sharper than any two-edged sword… it’s the TRUTH. Will you inspect your yard? Will you find the nasty little bushes and take a whack, too? What… you think it’s not that nasty – you think you’re okay with a few of of those thorny little things… listen to what Richard Dawkins (leading evolutionist / atheist), “It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid, or insane (or wicked, but I’d rather not consider that).” Which one are you…? If you don’t pick up your ax – I’d agree… you are ignorant, stupid, insane, or wicked. Are you ready to take a swing? Here goes…

1. Obstacles that Evolution Cannot Overcome (2 Peter 3:3ff)
a. Everything cannot come from nothing (without God) – where did matter & energy come from for the big bang and who banged it?
b. Life cannot just appear from non-life (what are the mathematical odds of a single strand of DNA forming randomly… impossible-to-1)
c. Natural selection disproves that complex organisms came from ‘simple’ single-celled organisms (natural selection reduces genetic and microscopic information, it doesn’t increase it)
d. Vertebrates cannot just ‘evolve’ from invertebrates (irreducable complexity says that connected parts, like vertebrae, need each other… they are interconnected and dependent on each other)
e. How did animals evolve into self-conscious, moral, even spiritual, beings? (there are too many distinctions between animals and humans… we were created in the image of God)

2. Myths about Evolution Exposed (Ps. 111:10)
a. There is proof for evolution. False. No proof exists for evolution that a creation could not use as evidence for intelligent design. Darwinians and creationists use the same evidence / proofs to draw two distince conclusions (it’s a matter of your world-view / starting point / presuppositions). There are no missing links – that’s why it’s still a theory. The only kind of evolution available for science to view is adaptations (micro-evolution) and variety within species and kinds.
b. Science vs. Religion. False. Neither evolution nor creation is any more science or religion than the other. Darwin’s converts believe they trust in science and we in religion… but the truth is, they still trust. Each side uses the same facts, each side necessitates faith (no observation & testing – only hypothesizing). It’s not science vs. religion – this is a fair-game, level playing field. Now play fair.
c. It’s unimportant. False. This is a foundational argument. It’s a war of world-views. What you believe affects how you will behave. There are serious implications to believing Darwin over the Bible – and vice versa. The attack on Genesis 1-2 is nothing less than a Satanic strategy to undermine God’s authority from the beginning.

3. Evil Effects of Evolution (Romans 1:20ff) – Many wickedness did not necessarily begin with Darwin and evolution – but find a warm and cozy justification there!
a. Humanism …taking the glory and prerogatives of God for one’s self. This leads too quickly to a relative morality (fluid value system) – like what we see in America today. According the Scriptures, it makes room for homosexuality, abortion, feminism, chauvenism, and all types of lawlessness. It removes God’s authority (accountability – and therefore, a judgment).
b. Racism – It’s no secret that Hitler was an ardent Darwinian. He probably thought he was doing good by weeding out the international garden from handicapped, less-thans, elderly, and early-evolutionary races.
c. Atheism – A refusal to believe in God or a denial of God’s authority and power (inherent as Creator). Richard Dawkins, leading atheist, accused a majority belief in intelligent design as an “educational scandal” and further called church-style creationism “organized ignorance.”